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'Ray's Comedy World' Las Vegas Ignites the Stage with Laughter

When it comes to Las Vegas entertainment, Monday nights are historically a dead zone. Locals either stay home, head to a movie, or visit the charity-driven MONDAYS DARK variety show. Now, a well-known celebrity host and a 25-year Cirque du Soleil veteran are lighting up Mondays with RAY’S COMEDY WORLD in Las Vegas.

Ray's Comedy World Las Vegas Poster

In what they’re claiming to be “the first Vegas-born comedy club”, host Joe Trammel and professional funnyman Ray Wold have joined forces for RAY’S COMEDY WORLD. Open for less than two months, the passion project has already drawn a lengthy list of names through its humble doors.

Even though it’s only open one night per week (with plans to expand to five), there’s a lot packed into every Monday evening. Doors to the Courtyard open at 7 pm, where guests can indulge in the outdoor barbeque. Sideshow acts take place at 7:30 pm, then the doors to the Comedy Club open at 8.


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