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No Lies - Michael Carbonaro is Magic's REAL Angel

Lovable comedy-illusionist leaps from your television to Rio's "Penn and Teller Theater" with stunning results.

Regular readers know about my ongoing feud with a certain crass magician. All bombast with flashing lights, ear-splitting sound, and his own screaming, this ego-fueled fraud does very little that's actually impressive. His latest creation AMYSTIKA literally sprays the audience with pounds of garbage, displaying a symbolic disrespect for the very people who made him rich.

Then there's Michael Carbonaro. Michael has millions of fans thanks to THE CARBONARO EFFECT, a hidden-camera series on truTV and HBO Max. On the show, the jovial young man lures everyday people into mind-boggling pranks that are enhanced by his expert magical skills. No deceitful editing, body doubles, or paid extras pretending to be amazed. It's brilliant, engaging, and hysterical, much like Carbonaro himself.


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