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Single-evening Shows by Sizzling Las Vegas Performers

A “one night stand with a hot entertainer.” The headline that got you here is called “clickbait”. And yes, I deliberately used an exaggerated promise, because entertainers of this caliber don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Las Vegas Single Events

Las Vegas Entertainers collage

The big news last week (aside from a certain avalanche of felony convictions) was that the summer tour for Jennifer Lopez was canceled. Everyone’s second-favorite tabloid darling claimed it was “to take time off for family and close friends.” Sure, girl…sales were anemic and you made it look worse by using a lame-ass excuse.

Shows from Pink, Justin Timberlake, the Black Keys, and other big acts are struggling, too. Perhaps people are sick of plunking down hundreds or thousands of dollars, and then dealing with the chaos of crowds, extremely high “event parking” rates, and stars that show up hours late. Thank goodness, Las Vegas has the answer.


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