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'Lady Like' Burlesque Soars to New Heights at Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

Sultry Show Brings Glamour and Seduction to the Stage at Lady Like in Las Vegas.

It’s been a long time…nearly two years…since the debut of LADY LIKE. Set to run for three months, the superlative retro-modern burlesque production fell victim to the abrupt closure of MOSAIC THEATER. So after showering this joyous production with love the first time around, it’s terrific to experience it again at a new location.

Lady Like show performers at Virgin Hotel Las Vegas

It’s unusual for well-reviewed shows to return from a hobbled launch. BAZ moving from Mandalay Bay to Venetian is a rare example. LADY LIKE truly deserves a second chance. Far from a run-of-the-mill bump and grind, the cheeky revue is funny, clever, colorful, insightful, and packed with double entendres. In other words, a thinking person’s interpretation of burlesque.

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