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How To Celebrate 'Star Wars Day' in Las Vegas

“May the Fourth Be With You!” A clever rephrasing of that famous farewell from the Star Wars franchise has become a yearly pop-culture celebration. STAR WARS DAY, as May 4th is now known, celebrates the intergalactic saga in countless ways, from parties and conventions to movie marathons.

Star Wars Day Las Vegas Collage

STAR WARS DAY traces back to 1979, and amazingly involves British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (!). Now recognized as an official celebration by STARWARS.COM, STAR WARS DAY has become a global sensation. Retailers roll out everything from commemorative luggage and jackets to special edition vinyl albums of the movie scores.

In Las Vegas, STAR WARS DAY is always bigger and better. Last year, Spiegelworld’s OPM held the ultimate MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU party. The acrobatic comedy production concluded that evening’s performance with a gigantic lightsaber battle. Cast and audience members were armed with the glowing sword, chose a side (Jedi or Sith), and let loose with their best electric-fencing skills:


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