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Great Las Vegas Cinemas and One to Avoid

Several years ago, I was on an inbound flight, chatting with a Sin City resident. During our lengthy conversation, I asked him why he thought Las Vegas had so many movie theaters. “We locals love the movies”, he answered. “Most of us avoid the Strip but still want to be entertained. So we attend live shows at local casinos…and LOTS of movies.”

Las Vegas Cinemas

Brendan Movie Theater Lounge

This dedicated moviegoer is now in my sixth year as a Sin City resident. I attend at least two mainstream films per week, sometimes as many as four. This list covers my favorite major players, their high-tech auditoriums, best deals, ease of access/parking, loyalty programs, and more.

Here’s a rundown of movie theaters that provide a great experience, along with one you might want to steer clear of.


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