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Glamorous Curiosities on Parade: A Review of Voltaire's 'BELLE DE NUIT' Las Vegas Show

VOLTAIRE recently announced BELLE DE NUIT as a weeknight event with prices starting at $75 (plus taxes/fees). I knew this would be a great opportunity to finally get inside and experience the venue for myself. After a premiere launch for friends, family, and media (VEGAS 411 was unsurprisingly not invited), this writer purchased a ticket for the second evening. Here’s my take.

Belle De Nuit Las Vegas

The English translation for “belle de nuit” is “beauty of the night”. How it applies here is anyone’s guess. BELLE DE NUIT is not exactly a show, but a collection of glamorous, sensual physical acts. It’s a fever-dream sequence from a European art film infused with disco-heyday elements from Studio 54. It has a deejay and is emceed by a dapper gentleman who acts as a guide and anchor.


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