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Finding a New Connection with the King: ‘My Brother Elvis’ at Westgate Las Vegas

In the summer of 2016, a shocking book rocked Elvis Presley fans to their core. “My Brother Elvis: The Final Years” is an emotional memoir by stepbrother David Stanley. It recounts his time as Presley’s aide and bodyguard, providing insight into the addictions and demons that led to the star’s demise.

Elvis Lives On: Exploring the Legacy of the King with 'My Brother Elvis' at Westgate Las Vegas

Along with that publication, Mr. Stanley has been the guiding force behind several written and documentary works on the subject. He found himself in the center of a self-created firestorm last summer after stating that Presley’s death was self-inflicted. He later apologized after Ginger Alden, the former fiancee of Presley, slammed back on the claim.

Your host for the evening is Gordon Prouty, Westgate’s Vice President of Public Relations and Community Affairs. After a brief introduction in the foyer, Prouty takes you on a glorious tour that few have experienced. Stroll behind the curtain and stand in the very spot where Elvis prayed before going onstage. Descend the stairs to his dressing room, and sit at the original bar where Presley entertained icons like Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra.

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