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BRICK HOUSE – The Commodores Story Comes to Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood

NEW SHOW ALERT: BRICK HOUSE Comes to Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Brick House Cast at V Theater Las Vegas

The Commodores was one of the most influential Motown groups of the seventies and early eighties. McClary is credited with creating their distinctive sound. His work on “Easy” has been described as “one of the best guitar solo performances of all time” by Rolling Stone Magazine‘s Dave Thompson. Along with being a guitarist, he’s a vocalist, songwriter, and record producer. That sets the expectations for BRICK HOUSE pretty high, indeed.

The history of The Commodores goes back to 1968 when friends McClary and Lionel Ritchie formed “The Mystics”. As the group grew and expanded, the name changed to “Commodores”. They were welcomed by Berry Gordy into the Motown family in 1972, eventually becoming one of its first Gold Record artists.

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