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‘BAT OUT OF HELL’ is a Batshit Crazy Ride

There’s a lot more than bikers riding on the expensive Jim Steinman/Meat Loaf musical at Paris Las Vegas…

The long-anticipated BAT OUT OF HELL: The Musical debuted at Paris Las Vegas on September 27th. The large-scale production is currently in preview performances. The purpose of previews is to identify problems and opportunities for improvement that weren’t apparent in rehearsals. The director can then make adjustments before critics are invited to attend. So this isn’t an official review, per se…but an opportunity to share first impressions.

That being said, BAT OUT OF HELL is already a winner in one major area. The futuristic rock fantasy has single-handedly resurrected excitement for live entertainment on the Strip. That’s no small statement, and I don’t make it lightly. The show, based on rocker Meat Loafs legendary album trilogy, is the buzziest to hit the city in years. Seemingly everyone is talking about it, from fans and critics to industry insiders and skeptics.


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