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AHERN HOTEL - Sleepy Little Lion Is (Almost) Ready to Roar

North Strip's newest boutique resort is everything that Resorts World and The Cromwell could have been.

During our lengthy COVID-19 shutdown, the guiding minds behind Vegas hotels and casinos had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink their strategies. We've lobbied endless complaints against price gouging, bogus service charges, resort fees, paid parking, poor customer service, and badly-maintained facilities. The list could go on for a few paragraphs and would still not cover all the bases. Those objections were a waste of time, as documented in my piece "Sin City Shutdown - They'll Never Learn", which you can read here.

I first visited AHERN HOTEL last month, prompted by an invitation from my old friend Chef Bruno Morabito. The famed "Master of Brunch" had settled in nicely at the hotel's main restaurant TRATTORIA BY CHEF MARC, and I detailed his latest menu in this piece. After the mouth-watering meal, I was invited to tour much of the repurposed casino space by his colleague, Executive Sous Chef Joel Ott. It took no time at all to realize that this sleepy little resort was already the best-kept secret in Las Vegas.


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