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A Behind the Scenes look at Mark O’Toole and the Sun City Anthem Variety Show

When you stop moving, you start dying. That could be why entertainer Mark O’Toole may outlive us all. The intensely funny singer, who rose to fame in the 90s with STAR SEARCH, is at an all-time high. Mark’s Sun City Anthem Variety Show, which he created from the ground up, isn’t just a success….it’s an outright smash.

Performers at Sun City Anthem Variety Show

Every first and third Wednesday, three hundred people fill Freedom Hall Theater in Henderson. Tickets sell out so quickly that it’s been necessary to put a maximum of four on every order. Making sure his fans know when they’re available is just one in a long list of responsibilities that the host fulfills.

Mark’s not just hands-on, but balls-deep. From selecting guests to supplying donuts for the green room, the host is determined to anticipate every need. He’s also planning the next edition before the final bow is taken that afternoon. It’s unlikely that the handsome crooner even sleeps.


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